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Veenat 400 MG

Veenat 400 MG


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Product description of Veenat

Veenat contains Imatinib as an active pharmaceutical drug that is an anti-cancer drug. Veenat falls under the category of drug known as a protein-tyrosine kinase inhibitor. Veenat is an effective drug intended for chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML), GIST (gastrointestinal stomach tumors) and additional cancers. The mechanism of action of Veenat is to inhibit the unbalanced protein mandatory for cancer to multiply. Spaced out from this Veenat is also intended to control cancer from increasing in patients, next than surgical elimination of the gist.

Contraindications of Veenat

Veenat is highly contraindicated to be used under certain medical conditions:

  • You are suffering from heart-related disorders.
  • You are having a hypersensitive reaction towards the generic and other inactive drug components.  
  • You are pregnant women and lactating mothers.
  • You are having the continuous bleeding disorder.
  • You are taking herbal drugs and other prescription or non-prescription drugs.

Dosage instruction of Veenat

You are recommended to take a single dose of Veenat in a day. You have to take this drug orally along with sufficient amount of water. Veenat (Imatinib) be supposed to be taken with a meal. Do not take the drug on an empty stomach.

Drug interactions of Veenat

Veenat may impair the action of the drug when used along with the combination of certain drugs such as Antibiotics, Protease inhibitors, Antifungal drugs, ACE inhibitors.

Side effects of Veenat

Individual may face certain side effects after consuming this drug such as

Bloody stool, decrease in body weight and hunger, the absence of menstrual cycle, stomach pain, ocular tearing, inflammation of the mouth, strange exhaustion, skin color change, diarrhea, nausea, jaundice (swelling of eyes and skin), irregular heart beat and weakness chest pain, muscular cramping and discomfort, anxious mood, low energy levels, rigorous allergic reactions,.

 Some safety measures should be followed before taking Veenat;

  • You may make you feel dizzy after consuming Veenat so do not take the part in those activities that ask for your attentiveness.
  • Alcohol consumption and smoking should be in limits.  

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