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Flurbiprofen-(flure bi proe fen)

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Brief description of Ocufen eye drop-

Ocufen is an ophthalmic preparation. Ocufen is a formulation used before any type of eye surgery. Ocufen is used before the surgery of cataract.

Working of Ocufen eye drop-

Ocufen is an effective medication used just before any type of surgery of eyes. The main active constituent of Ocufen is Flurbiprofen. Generic Flurbiprofen belongs to the category of medicines as if NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). The main mode of action of Ocufen is to avert the narrowing of the pupil of the eyes. Mostly Ocufen is used before the surgery of cataract of eyes. It may make the surgery easier.

Contradictory effects of Ocufen eye drop-

  • Ø If you are allergic to generic Flurbiprofen, you should not use this formulation or ask the physician for the substitute.
  • Ø If you are suffering from certain medical conditions like nasal polyps, bleeding and clotting problems, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and dry eye syndrome, you should not use it.

Drug interactions of Ocufen eye drop-

A few numbers of medications may not use while using Ocufen eye drop as if Prednisone, Clopidogrel, Warfarin, Naproxen, and Dabigatran.

How would you take Ocufen eye drop?

Ocufen is an ophthalmic solution that is available at the concentration of 0.03%. Approx. two hours before the surgery, you should instill total four drops of Ocufen eye drop. It can be instilled in every half an hour in the starting of the surgery.

Bothersome effects of Ocufen eye drop-

You may feel some bothersome effects of Ocufen as if irritation, red or bloodshot eye, and enhanced sensitivity towards the light.

Defensive measures while using Ocufen eye drop-

  • Ø Do not rub your eyes after instilling Ocufen eye drop.
  • Ø Ocufen eye drop may make your vision blurred so avoid any attention needed task like driving or using any machinery.
  • Ø In the case of any type of allergic reaction, you should go for medical help.

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