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Novolizer Dry Powder Inhalation Device

Novolizer Dry Powder Inhalation Device

Novolizer Device

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Succinct Description of Novolizer device:

Novolizer is dry powder inhalation device readily available in the market with various different renowned names. It is defined as a multidose breath-actuated dry powder inhaler device designed to administer the exact amount of dose in every single inhalation. The device has proved its immense effectiveness for correcting the respiratory disease like asthma, COPD and other inflammations of lungs in all age group of people starting from children of 6 years to the elderly.

Know how to administer medicine through Novolizer device:

The patients are advised to put the medication in the Novolizer device in the similar way as prescribed by the physician. The device works with an immense accuracy and assists an individual to instill the dose directly into the lungs through the air passage with each inhaled breath. The device used to administer medicine like Corticosteroid to counter any inflammation of the lungs and works to strengthen the immune system of an individual. As per the severity of disease, the physician may ask you to repeat the dosing twice a day both morning and evening.

To get the maximum effect out of the medication, you should learn the correct method to administer the dosage.

  • Grip the Novolizer horizontally and take away the protective cap
  • Fully press down the colored dosage button. You will hear a double click beep and will observe the color change in the control window from red to green. This describes that a dose has been prepared in the Novolizer. Now release the dosage button and
  • Exhale with total lung capacity and then put the mouthpiece inside your mouth by closing your lips around it, now breathe in as deeply as possible through your mouth.
  • Then, hold your breath for few seconds and will hear a click sound.
  • Take out the mouthpiece from your mouth and exhale gently. Observe that color in the control window should change from back to red - this defines that you have accurately inhaled a dose.

Side effects of using Novolizer device:

Inhaled corticosteroids might cause fungal infection inside the oral cavity, if the device is not cleaned properly.

Precautions to be taken while using Novolizer device:

  • Do not stop the use of inhaler abruptly else may have to counter untoward effect.
  • Do not take double dosing, if any case you forgot to take the regular dose.

Constrictions with Novolizer device:

  • Do not take this therapy as an only option to cure the patient of asthmatic attack; one should immediately consult the physician.
  • Do not give the medication to patients suffering from dysfunction of liver.


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