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Nolvadex | Tamoxifen | Tamilong

Nolvadex | Tamoxifen | Tamilong

Nolvadex - tamoxifen

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Succinct narration of the medication:

Breast cancer is a life intimidating concern that a woman has to struggle. Cancer is defined as an uncontrolled and abnormal growth of infected cells inside any body part. Thus, infects other healthy cells of the body. In breast cancer, the multiplication of infected cells within women chest region or breast is so rapid that it readily spreads to harm other body parts in an indefinite manner.

Brief understanding of mode of action:

The USFDA approved generic medication Tamoxifen has proved immensely effective in combating the symptoms of breast cancer. The medication is widely renowned by the name Nolvadex. Tamoxifen cures cancer successfully in those patients who have undergone surgery or radiation recently.

Tamoxifen possesses the characteristics of both steroidal and an anti-estrogenic agent, which enables the drug to act effectively in patients with the early and advanced stage of breast cancer.

The medication tends to show its effect by coupling with estrogenic binding sites at the specific infected tissues. Tamoxifen holds down the production of an excess quantity of estrogen due to its selective estrogen receptor modulator action. Tamoxifen obviates the binding of estrogen to its receptors to hinder the growth of the cancerous cell.

Dosing regimen of Tamoxifen:

The daily intake of Nolvadex in adults and elder female patients is 20mg as a single dose or in divided doses or as prescribed by the physician but not go beyond 40mg as a maximum daily dose. Women with a risk of breast cancer can initiate the therapy with 20mg daily dose up to 5 years. The medicine can be taken either empty or full stomach. Women are advised to swallow medicine orally by mouth with sufficient amount of water as a single unit.

Side effects of taking Tamoxifen:

The patient may come across some common side effects like Anxiety, Hazy Vision, pain in chest and back, swelling in legs, Vaginal Bleeding.

Contraindications with usage of Tamoxifen:

  • Evade the intake of medication if you are hypersensitive to it.
  • Do not administer this medication to any pregnant and breastfeeding mother.
  • Ingest of Nolvadex is contrary if the patient has a previous history of blood clot disorder.
  • Do not administer this medication if you are struggling with any life threatening disease.

Precautions with usage of Tamoxifen:

  • Women on Tamoxifen therapy must avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • The patient should avoid any strenuous or weight lifting activity while on therapy else may encounter sudden and intense chest pain.

Storage Condition:

Keep Tamoxifen in a cool and dark place away from heat, sunlight, and moisture. Place the medication away from children reach.



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