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Buy Pro Soma 500 MG

Buy Pro Soma 500 MG

Carisoprodol - Prosoma 500mg

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Product Description of Pro Soma-500mg

What is Pro soma?

Prosoma contains Carisoprodol as active constituent which is used for the management of muscle pain. Carisoprodol is class of muscle relaxant drug. This drug is also used for the treatment of acute lower back pain, discomfort, with rest and physical therapy, injuries and other painful musculoskeletal conditions. Prosoma works by reducing pain between nerves of the brain. It is short acting drug i.e. shows action very early after administration.  Prosoma has very less side effect and very effective for the treatment of pain. Prosoma is widely prescribed drug for the treatment of pain.

Mechanism of action of Pro Soma-500mg

Prosoma is centrally acting muscle relaxants and other barbiturate-like drugs. It blocks the pain signals on brain and spinal cord. Carisoprodol is metabolized in to Meprobamate that has general sedative and anti-anxiety property.

What are the precautions of Pro Soma-500mg?

  • If you are allergic to active ingredient of Carisoprodol do not use this drug.
  • Do not use this drug if you have epilepsy and other seizure disorder.
  • Do not use this drug if you have liver disease and kidney disease.
  • Do not use this drug if you have hereditary disease.

What are the drug interactions of Pro Soma-500mg?

Do not use some drugs because it affects the action of Prosoma and may increase the risk of side effects.

  • Cetirizine, Diphenhydramine, Alprazolam, diazepam, Fluvoxamine and Escitalopram, Rifampin and Isoniazid, Omeprazole and Pantoprazole
  • Do not use vitamins minerals, or other dietary supplements while administering this drug.

How to store Pro soma-500mg?

Store this drug at room temperature 20 to 30oC. Keep Prosoma away from heat and sunlight.

How to administer Pro Soma-500mg?

Recommended dose of Prosoma is 500mg. The Prosoma is an oral preparation so administer this drug via mouth with sufficient amount of water. You may Prosoma take 2 times in a day. If the dose is not effective increase and take three times in a day. This drug can be taken with or without food. Do not increase or decrease the dose of Prosoma without consulting doctor.

Missed dose of Pro Soma-500mg

For better effectiveness, try not to miss the dose of Prosoma. If you have missed the dose take as soon as possible. Skip if it's time for next dose.

Over dose of Pro Soma-500mg

Do not take more than prescribed dose at one time to avoid adverse effect. In case of over dose consult doctor immediately or go nearby hospital.

What are the side effects of Pro Soma-500mg?

Drowsiness, dizziness, clumsiness, headache, fast heart rate, upset stomach, vomiting, skin rash, difficulty breathing, fever, weakness, burning in the eyes

What are the precautions of Pro Soma-500mg?

  • This drug should not be used for longer duration without consulting doctor because it is habit forming drug.
  • Do not stop suddenly administration of this drug because it may show some withdrawal symptoms.
  • Do not consume alcohol while administering this drug.


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