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Maxalt 10MG

Maxalt 10MG

Buy Rizatriptan (RYE-za-TRIP-tan) 10mg Online

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Maxalt is an outstanding Anti-migraine medicine, which is mainly used by the individuals to treat migraine attacks. A migraine is very severe and painful headache and accompanied by the headache, nausea, increased sensitivity towards light and sound. It can be used by both adults and children.

Generic Rizatriptan is a main pharmaceutical ingredient found in this medicine and it comes under the class of Anti-migraine drugs. Rizatriptan narrows the blood vessels around the brain by reducing the symptoms of migraine like nausea, headache, increased sensitivity towards light and sound, and other symptoms.

Who should not take Maxalt?

Maxalt is strictly contraindicated below mentioned conditions-

  • Heart problems
  • Blood vessel troubles including ischemic bowel disease.
  • High cholesterol level
  • Diabetes and obesity problems.
  • Kidney or liver problems
  • Hypersensitivity to Rizatriptan benzoate

Drug interactions of Maxalt-

  • Anti-migraine drugs like Sumatriptan, Zolmitriptan
  • Ergot like Dihydroergotamine or Ergotamine
  • Anti-convulsant drugs like Phenytoin, Carbamazepine and Phenobarbital
  • Monoamine oxidase inhibitors like Phenelzine, Isocarboxazid
  • Antidepressants like Fluoxetine, Duloxetine, Citalopram, or Paroxetine

How to store Maxalt?

Properly store this medication at the room temperature 300 C and away from the direct contact of sunlight, moisture and heat.

Doses of Maxalt-

Maxalt is an orally disintegrating tablet and it is available in two doses like 5mg and 10mg. Normally the total daily dose of Maxalt should not be exceeding more than 30mg within 24 hours. You should get 3 tablets of Maxalt within 24 hours and don't go beyond the dose otherwise, you suffer overdose of this drug.

In case of missed dose of Maxalt:

Get the missed dose of Maxalt as soon as you memorize, but do not consume the excess amount of Maxalt as it is injurious for good health.

In case of overdose of Maxalt-

Overdose symptoms of Maxalt include high blood pressure, anxiety, severe headache, confusion, unclear vision, chest pain, trouble in breathing, irregular heartbeat and seizures.

 If you suffer any above mentioned overdose symptoms, immediately consult your physician and get medical help.

Undesirable effects of Maxalt-

Common side effects of Maxalt are-

  • Mild headache
  • Dizziness
  • Dryness of mouth
  • Mild nausea
  • Tired feeling
  • Heavy feeling in any part of your body
  • Warmth
  • Redness of skin
  • Mild tingling under your skin

Safety and precautions:

  • Avoid taking this drug if you are hypersensitive to Generic Rizatriptan.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mother should not take Maxalt as it has an affinity to harm the baby.
  • Avoid intake of alcohol along with this drug.
  • Do not go for driving after the intake of this medicine as it affects your ability to drive and cause drowsiness.
  • Quit smoking, if you are taking this drug.


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