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When the Abortion is Only Way Out Use RU486

8/30/16  |  Birth Control

I was too excited with my pregnancy. 6 weeks pregnant, today we would finally have our full-fetal ultrasound and find out whether our baby growing up with health. I had no reason to be nervous because I am taking good care of my pregnancy I thought.

The time of past 1 1/2 months had been a moment of pure pleasure — dreaming regarding our upcoming family, reserving away any more funds that we can, and onslaught out a space intended for a nursery in our snug, uptown house, filling it up with verities of toys and objects. From the day that we found out we were in the family way having a baby I just couldn’t sleep.

Later that morning, after my doctor analyst my health and the health of the baby. We sadly got informed that there is a birth defect in our unborn. I just got shattered into tears.  My husband took me back home and took care of me all my family members were there to support me. After a long time spending in discussing the future of my baby, we ended up by making the decision of abortion.

Buy RU486 Online

I didn't want to make my abortion at the hospital. Later I came to know about the medical procedure of abortion. Where the medicines are the only requirement for the process of abortion and I did not the help of an individual to do abortion.

RU486 is the best abortion pill. It is easily available online.

How RU486 works to terminate the early pregnancy?

Mifepristone is the active pharmaceutical medicament of RU486, Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone hormone. This active drug works to inhibit the working of progesterone hormone which is responsible for supplying the needed nutrients and oxygen for the life of the fetus, which to end with leads to the death of the fetus and conclude the pregnancy.

What dosage schedule you must follow for RU486 to perform abortion;

RU486 pack is containing a single strip of 3 tablets.

step1:- on the first day take all the 3 tablets of Mifepristone (200mg) at once on an empty stomach with a glass of water.

step2:- Take a clinical visit after 2-3 days for the confirmation of successful abortion. If you still found pregnant then take 2 other tablets of Misoprostol.

Significant point to know about RU486;                                        

  • If RU486 and its active medicament show any allergenic reaction then do not administer this medication.
  • When the female is having a suspected and ectopic pregnancy RU486 should not be administering.
  • In the case of suffering from the regular bleeding problem and cardiac disorder, it is not correct to use RU486 for abortion
  •  Females less than the age of 17 years should stay away from.  
  • It is very important to remove the entire IUD before you take RU486.

Side effects of RU486

It is very commonly after consuming RU486 individual will face heavy vaginal bleeding and stomach cramps apart from this you may also see some other side effects like giddiness, weakening, rapid changes in blood pressure,   disease, change in appetite, infection in urinary tract, Joint pain, pain in your back, and change in colour of skin, nuisance in extremities, fever.

Health care tips to be followed after abortion for fast health recovery:

  • Follow the healthy diet chart which is completely enriched with proteins and nutrients.
  • You must amplify the intake of liquid diet.
  • Take complete bed rest. Don't go to the official work for some days.
  • Do not take part in with your partner for a week.

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