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Try Pain O Soma for getting immediate Muscle Pain Relief!!

11/18/16  |  Pain Relief

We all undergo different sort of muscle pain, but every muscle pain arises due to twisting of tendons or disruption of tiny muscle fiber. The degree of muscle soreness varies from person to person and on severity of pain. To know more about the cause of muscle pain you should know build up of muscles. Muscles are connected to bones by tendon and they comprise of the myofibril, deep fascia etc. All work together to bring about movement. Disruption in any part triggers pain. Mild muscle soreness can be curtailed by light exercise, rest or movement. Yoga or light walk is a better option.

Everyone's bearing capacity differs. It is all at the mental level, how our brain reacts to painful sensations. Our body is strong enough to bear mild soreness and achiness. Some muscles require 48 hours to heal. Most old people still think that they are young and indulge in harsh activities and are stumped with muscle soreness. If your pain is unbearable and does not go by itself, then use Pain O Soma for instant action. You should always listen to your body. Even a mild pain can go severe if left untreated. It is best to listen and trust your body's wisdom rather than letting fear causing more trouble. There are many among us who are having a hard time in bearing muscle pain and out of ignorance do not know how to heal or suppress pain. Pain O Soma is the widely accepted drug for all types of muscle pain.     


Pain O Soma (Carisoprodol) helps in muscle pain relief by interrupting neuronal communication within the spinal cord and reticular formation. It is well known as central nervous system depressant and leads to sedation and relaxation of muscles. It is altogether effective with rest and mild physical exercise. 


If you want to get rid of muscle pain effectively, then consume 350 mg three times per day and at bedtime or consume 500 mg two times per day. Soma can be continued up to two to three weeks depending upon your muscle pain.


  • Soma is not prescribed for use in drug abuse patients or drug addicts.
  • Soma is a habit-forming medicine and should be used only for a short time or before ceasing it completely, lessen the dose.
  • Stop alcohol consumption, as it may lead to dizziness.
  • Make sure to let your doctor know if you had a seizure, epilepsy or liver/kidney disease.
  • Keep this medicine safely in a place, away from small children.
  • Not advised for children below 12 years.
  • Soma may make you dizzy so be careful when you do harsh physical activity.
  • Stop using cold/cough, narcotic or sleeping pills, as it may make you sleepier.


Some after effects that you observe with Soma are as:

  • Dizziness, drowsiness
  • Tremor, agitation
  • Sleep problems, fainting
  • Weakness, paralysis
  • Depression, blurred vision
  • Feeling irritable, nausea, vomiting


Author: James Smith

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