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MTP Kit: The Safe and Easy Method for Abortion at Home

1/11/17  |  MTP Kit

As you know MTP Kit (generally known as abortion kit or mifepristone and misoprostol kit) is a good way to avoid surgical abortion in those cases where abortion is required in early stage of pregnancy. If you are also thinking to buy MTP kit for conducting abortions at home, you can find all essential relevant information here. Abortions that are caused by MTP Kit are also called medical abortions as a combination of two tablets is used to provoke an abortion in the patient. The success rate of abortion using this method is a prime attraction for people using it worldwide. You can use this abortion pills at home to avoid unplanned pregnancy.


The pills that are provided in medical abortion are mifepristone and misoprostol, which provide about 95 percent success rate. Your MTP Kit tablet also comes with same active ingredients to induce an abortion. After the confirmation of normal pregnancy that is inside the womb, patient may choose this kit to end an unwanted episode of pregnancy. However, before you choose this method you must understand that it’s not the same thing as Emergency Contraception Pills or morning after pills. That means it is not the method to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse. These pills are used when pregnancy is developed due to any possible reason and you don’t want to continue it further.


It is also important that MTP Kit should only be used by those users with confirmed normal pregnancy which is younger than 9 weeks of age. Here, generally the age of pregnancy is counted from the first day of your last month menstrual cycle, considering a normal 28 days cycle. If your periods are not regular then you may consider going under ultrasound scan to know the age of your pregnancy. The doses of MTP kit are similar for everyone but it is better to start taking it under medical guidance.

Yes, it’s very easy to buy MTP kit online and conduct abortion at home but, on the safety point of view you must consider going for medical checkup. Discuss about it with your family doctor before using it. For ensuring the safety it is essential that user follows all the prescription instructions. Following the medication with abortion pills in the prescribed way, you should be prepared for menstrual bleeding with cramping. This bleeding can be more severe than your normal period. If you feel intolerably uncomfortable, you must consult your doctor right away.

As abortion completes, you should give yourself proper care and rest. After two weeks of completion of abortion, it is necessary that you should go for follow up checkup. In this consultation you may be referred for ultrasound scan and few physical examinations to confirm that there are no left pieces of fetus inside the womb. This follow up check up is important because any left pieces of pregnancy inside the womb may cause infection. In such condition patient may be referred with further clinical procedures. 

Author: James Smith

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