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Get Easy and Less Complicate Abortion at Home with RU486(Mifepristone)

6/1/17  |  RU-486

It was morning time when one of my friends knocks my door for help. She was as afraid as her pregnancy test comes positive. She already has two lovely kids and that’s why they don’t want another pregnancy. She wants to know about options she had when pregnancy is not on the cards. After hearing her trouble, I recommended her to use RU 486 kit to end pregnancy if they don’t want it on the basis of my personal experience with medicinal abortion. It is a trusted method of medicinal abortion which doesn’t require involvement of any intense clinical procedures. You can take the pills at home or any other place of your choice, to start the process of abortion. She was convinced to take an appointment with doctor to get prescription of RU 486 tablets. After a week followed she called me to thank for suggesting her with RU 486.

Here are some of the key points that you should know about medicinal abortion choices using RU 486 like pills. This will help you to get a clear idea of what you can expect after coming to a decision to buy RU 486 for abortion:

  • This method of abortion is only valid for those pregnancies which are running in the first trimester. Yes, the age of pregnancy is very important before choosing a suitable method of abortion.

RU486 Pills Online
  • In certain cases patients are recommended to undergo clinical procedures to know the exact age of pregnancy. Here, the starting date to count age of pregnancy is considered the first day of your last month period cycle considering a regular cycle with ovulation occurring in the mid. If you will be wondering what could happen if RU 486 pills when pregnancy is older? Well the answer of this question involves danger of critical health complications in mother and baby. In such case, abortion is not a confirm result by using these pills. You might end up with creating health troubles to the fetus.

  • You can expect to undergo continual bleeding for couple of days as the abortion completes with RU 486 tablets. During the process of abortion you may also expect to feel cramping and discomfort along with bleeding.

  • Prepare yourself to face this tough phase of abortion psychologically. However, if you feel to take advice from your doctor in between, there is no harm in it. You should not ignore your health in the process of abortion. Continual bleeding for more than few days may make you week and vulnerable. Although this method of abortion is completely safe and most of the users enjoy desired results with it but don’t delay to rush to nearby emergency services if your health is getting deteriorated with the time running. 
Author: James Smith

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